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I’m Sakari, 59-year-old man, graduated massage therapist educated in Stadin Aikuis- ja Ammattiopisto, “Adult and Vocational Institute in Helsinki”. Trained masseurs are healthcare professionals. We work for the benefit of the patient with proud of our professionalism. For me, the well-being of patients is the most important guiding factor in my work and I treat everyone, regardless of background, with respect, equality and keeping a target in their well-being. Patient safety, privacy protection, and the goal of treatment are present throughout the treatment event.

Classical massage is a manual treatment for soft tissues. Massage reduces muscle tension and relieves pain, activates the body’s metabolism and superficial blood circulation, relaxes muscles and improves their elasticity. Depending on the patient, the area to be treated and the purpose of the treatment, different massage treatment (brushing, rubbing, compression, transverse stretching) are used in the massage – always appropriately and listening to the patient’s feelings. With mobilizing measures we can also increase the range of motion of the joints.

The treatment process proceeds as follows: after the pre-information form, we discuss about the reason for coming to massage and the treatment plan will be made together. The patient is allowed to undress in peace and settle on the treatment table. For example, in a back massage, pants or a skirt can be worn. The part of the patients body that is not massaged is covered under a warming towel / blanket.



Massage times:

30 min for example relaxing neck-shoulder area
45 min for example the neck-shoulder area, whole back or lower limbs
60 mim for example whole back or arms and neck-shoulder area
90 min for example lower limbs and back

“Tutustumistarjous” (the introductory offer) is an offer for the first treatment event, where the patient receives a massage in the desired area and gets to know the masseur and our services. This massage lasts 45 minutes and costs € 45.

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Welcome to Hierontapiste Sininen Kuula (‘Blue Ball Massage’) – I’m ready to serve You, therefore, also in English.